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Eröffnung BTS -Webshop

Treten Sie ein! Schauen Sie, kaufen Sie! Alles, was das Fan-Herz begehrt: T-Shirts, Zip-Westen, CDs und mehr!
(Falls du außerhalb Österreichs oder Deutschland lebst, schreib uns und wir finden eine Lösung bzgl. Versandkosten.)

Come on in! Take a look, we have wares! Everything a fan could want: t-shirts, zip-hoodies, CDs and more!
(If you live outside of Austria or Germany, shoot us a message and we’ll figure something out with regards to shipping cost.)

Song of BTS on Sampler "Support The Underground"

Hello again. Just a short notice that we are very proud that one of our songs will be on the sampler of Mars Music Productions and Musicjunky Bookings & Records! Together with other great bands like Ecliptica, Cil City, The Rumperts, Chaos Inside and so on...
The Sampler will be released on the 2nd of July 2021.

Here is the link to the original message (in german):